Snow Shoveling

Every Winter Chicago faces frigid temperatures and lots of snow, and every year M3 is out there shoveling to make life a little easier for our neighbors. After every big snow we shovel for seniors, residents with disabilities, areas with vacant homes/lots, under-resourced schools, and more.

On average Chicago gets 3 feet of snow each year. In 1978, Chicago got nearly 8 feet - 87.9 inches to be exact! The heaviest 24-hour snowfall was 18.6 inches on January 2nd, 1999. That is a lot of snow!

If you’d like to help us and be notified of upcoming shoveling events, sign up as a volunteer below!

If you’re a senior citizen that needs our help, living with a disability, or concerned about an area that never gets shoveled, request M3 Snow Shoveling below!


Volunteers will be notified of winter weather warnings via text. Texts will update volunteers on the location of upcoming M3 Shovel Crew meet up, as well as dispatch volunteers on a house-by-house basis.

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