Every month, MBMHMC takes a group of interested teenagers on a city-wide exploration, visiting hidden gem businesses and artful intersections, uncovering neighborhoods and challenging preconceived notions. By taking local youth outside their comfort zones, but right next door in their own city, they can see what Chicago has to offer, and experience a different perspective that will awaken ownership and pride in them. 


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GIVING TEENS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE A NEW AND EXCITING ASPECT OF THEIR CITY. So close, but yet so far away is a term that applies to the situations of many disadvantaged youth who are in close proximity to downtown Chicago, but who live in an isolated and far different environment. A new and exciting perspective of their city will enlighten them and help them perceive a world beyond their boundaries. 

SEEING THE CITY IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT, A POSITIVE LIGHT INSTEAD OF A NEGATIVE LIGHT. There's always a positive and negative perspective. The explorers club sheds a positive light on Chicago, while encouraging teens to view their roles in their own smaller communities in a positive light. 

INSPIRE TEENS TO GET INVOLVED IN NEW SITUATIONS. By revealing to them that they are a part of something bigger, they will want to become involved. When you show a child that there is something to dream about, they will be more likely to aspire toward that dream. 




DONATIONS: We are a 501 c 3  non profit organization and every donation makes an exploration possible. Please consider donation via our tier level donation platform listed above. 

VOLUNTEER: Chaperon an exploration and experience first hand the interpersonal conversations that make this experience so transformative. 

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To learn more about volunteering or participating in MBMHMC, please contact us.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Chicago is only as strong as its most under-resourced community.