Do you work in an interesting field?

Would bright, young people benefit from learning about your company or industry?

Host an Exploration – $500

  • Tell explorers about what you do & hear their ideas

  • Provide hands-on experience of what your organization does day-to-day

  • Expose explorers to the various careers in your industry

Exploration Examples

  • STEM – Facebook, Pandora, Google

  • Arts & Culture – The Woodshop Art Gallery, TheTruborn Art Gallery, Ignite Glass Studios

  • Citizenry & Volunteerism – RTW Veteran Center, Feeding the Homeless, Barack Obama Farewell Address

  • Health – Modern Aligned Health, Walgreens

  • Community Development – Chicago Architecture Foundation

  • Culinary – Cooking with Chef Jen Gavin, Bon Macaron

  • Entrepreneurism – Small Business Owners