My Block, My Hood, My City has been committed to promoting businesses that positively impact our communities and city. We call them "hidden gems" and believe they should be rewarded for their contribution. Part of that effort is through the creation of Hidden Gem Award badges, which are being strategically displayed at businesses, restaurants, and shops highlighted in MBMHMC explorations! Be on the lookout for them and show your support by patronizing these businesses. 

By displaying MBMHMC poster in their storefront, these business have been recognized for one or more of the following:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Safety / peace-keeping
  • Sharing the best of their neighborhood as they host visitors
  • Open-mindedness
  • Tacit agreement to return the favor and visit other communities within our city

Hidden Gem Awards are our way of thanking business owners for being the soul of their community and having the ideals that make our community better for all. They are “hidden gems,” a role model for residents, visitors, and other businesses in the area, and representative of the positive attributes and places that their community has to share. They might be hidden in the greater context of Chicago, but our goal is to give them exposure and reward them for being the gem that they are.  



Kusanya Cafe 829 W. 69th Street