Ghana Run

This year, we're leading a trip with 10 teenagers to #Accra, #Ghana where they’ll learn about the history of the #slavetrade, West African #Culture and how it relates to their life back home. To fundraise for this trip our Founder and Executive Director, Jahmal Cole, is #GhanaRun 

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This week, #GhanaRun goes to Woodlawn.

We need to mobilize our #youth in the same way the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation has mobilized its residents for the past 50 years.

We must energize youth with new ideals to guide their growth, broaden their horizons and show them change is possible. By taking them to #Ghana, I am challenging them to see diverse perspectives and to imagine a future that holds promise and opportunity. 

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With all the running, I thought I deserved a cheat day this week. So I went to Uptown to get some authentic Ghanaian food at Graces African Restaurant to prepare my palette for what's to come. The neighborhood brought back memories. The food was something else too. I love spicy food and hot sauce, but this cuisine is on a whole new level.

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