Ghana Run

This year, we're leading a trip with 10 teenagers to #Accra, #Ghana where they’ll learn about the history of the #slavetrade, West African #Culture and how it relates to their life back home. To fundraise for this trip our Founder and Executive Director, Jahmal Cole, is #GhanaRun 

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This week, #GhanaRun goes to Woodlawn.

We need to mobilize our #youth in the same way the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation has mobilized its residents for the past 50 years.

We must energize youth with new ideals to guide their growth, broaden their horizons and show them change is possible. By taking them to #Ghana, I am challenging them to see diverse perspectives and to imagine a future that holds promise and opportunity. 

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With all the running, I thought I deserved a cheat day this week. So I went to Uptown to get some authentic Ghanaian food at Graces African Restaurant to prepare my palette for what's to come. The neighborhood brought back memories. The food was something else too. I love spicy food and hot sauce, but this cuisine is on a whole new level.

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The farther I run, the more I see. Especially this past weekend going past the 95th street red line stop. The new upgrade is necessary, but looking at it side by side with smaller blemishes of our communities, it got me thinking about the imbalance of investment priorities in Chicago. Large investments are critical, but we have to support this with smaller projects that address more basic infrastrucutre. Small actions create big change! Our explorers going to Ghana will find out why.

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When I train for #GhanaRun, audiobooks keep me company. Knowledge is power, which is why I'm always reading, listening, or writing whenever I have the time. A few weeks ago, a #formyblock supporter named Heather reached out and recommended a book for our explorers going to Ghana. In the video, you'll see how she then stepped forward with an incredible act of generosity. This week, I met Heather at City Lit Books in Logan Square. I've never been to France, but standing in Logan Square Park made me feel like I was in Paris, being surrounded by small bookstores, bakeries, and boulevards. Vibrant communities like these and compassionate people like Heather are why I'll forever believe Chicago to be the greatest city in the world. 

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I have education, volunteerism, and creativity in my DNA. Though I often wonder what else is there that I’m missing. As an African American, my history started on a slave ship in the Atlantic, my family lineage began on a plantation. But as I learned more about #Ghana over the last month, I realized there is a part of my past still waiting to be discovered. How? Only one way to find out.

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