MBMHMC is your on-the-ground Partner

My Block, My Hood, My City is an on the ground partner with schools and districts focused on ensuring all students graduate from high school and are equipped for college and career success. Our Explorers’ program takes teenagers from schools in low social economic status neighborhoods on educational explorations. They receive a firsthand glimpse into different cultures and careers, people, and businesses. Our mission is to boost educational attainment in these students, in spite of the poverty and isolation they face.

Year-Round Partnerships

  • Does your school need assistance exposing students to new cultures and professions?
  • Does your school want to improve attendance and on-track rates? 
  • Does your school want to better support students socio-emotinal development? 

If these are key questions for your school, a partnership with MBMHMC could be the right fit for you.  Recognized by the Chicago urban League and a leader in educational reform, the Explorers Program is currently working with 3 public schools and 3 nonprofit organizations in Chicago, serving more than 45 students monthly. We are currently in the process of expanding into more schools.

How It Works

Every month, we take groups of (15) teenagers from a school or nonprofit organization on an exploration. These Students participate in (10) explorations per school year, exposing them to 10 different communities, cultures, professions, and cuisines.

Students selected to participate are recommended by school officials and have attendance rates below 80 percent and live in low social economic status neighborhoods.


Our primary data sources are surveys, which are used in a variety of ways. At youth intake, we collect youth demographic information, such as neighborhood of residence, with whom they live, age, gender, and grade in school (if applicable).

  • Outcome A: Disconnected youth will engage in Explorer activities and develop new knowledge of the city.
  • Outcome B: High school students will remain engaged in learning and committed to school.
  • Outcome C: High school graduates will pursue postsecondary education.
  • Outcome D: Youth will have positive and caring adult role models.

We require your investment because we are going to be invested in your schools success. To be successful, year round partnerships require a commitment from school partners. Our program overview will provide you with more information about the Explorers Program. 

If your school is interested in exploring a partnership further please contact us at jcole@mbmhmc.com