My Block, My Hood, My City Magazine

You know me through the My Block, My Hood, My City Explorers' Club and the non profit work I do in Chicago.  What you probably don't know is that every weekend I travel to a different community area, eating different foods, talking to different residents, and just being nosey. I have the biggest appetite for adventure. I must confess, I'm addicted to this city.

The greatest part about exploring Chicago has been meeting the residents, hands down. I've met Chicagoans from different cultures; people who have different ideas, perspectives, opinions, ethnicities, experiences, and occupations. I don't have the money necessary to fly or travel to different countries every month, but I have a unique opportunity to travel the world without leaving Chicago.

For example, if you ask the same question to Chicago residents from opposite sides of the city, you'll get two different answers. In fact, in some cases, you can cross a highway or walk a few blocks and get different takes on any given issue. My experience has made me aware that the amount of people who have visited both Old Town & Englewood could fit on one L-Train. In fact, If you take the Red Line from 79th to Fullerton Avenue, you'll think you're going on a vacation.

While I'm making every effort to expand my horizons, I consider myself an amateur anthropologist, so I enjoy immersing myself into different cultures and documenting my experiences.  Here's a glimpse of what I've captured over the past few months.

The best way to describe this magazine is to say it is boiling pot of diversity, differences, ideals, perspectives, and visions. It's no coincidence that Chicago can be described in the same manner. I hope this magazine provokes thoughtful discussion and, of course, showcases the city I love so much.

Shout out to everybody that contributed, thank you! Download This Now.