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My Block My Hood My City is launching a digital revolution to elevate the effectiveness of community organizing in Chicago. Our Block Club Tech Trainings empower community leaders like you with the knowledge and skills to establish an online presence for your block clubs and neighborhood associations. Increased connectivity fosters improved communication, which creates safer, more united neighborhoods where all residents are in the loop. Attend one of our trainings if you are looking to:

  • Learn to use Facebook and other online technologies.

  • Create Facebook groups for your neighborhood or block organization.

  • Connect homeowners and residents on your block to your Facebook group.

  • Leverage your group for thoughtful discussion and instant communication with fellow residents.

  • Network face-to-face with members and leaders of other block clubs.

To ensure maximum connectivity, My Block My Hood My City provides all new attending block clubs a Chromebook to increase ease of access to technology. In addition, we provide you the following resources:

  • Our database of valuable know-how to improve quality of neighborhood life. Examples include snow shoveling tips, polar vortex heating tips, ways to engage your local officials, and how to fix broken infrastructure on the block.

  • Guest presentations from key institutions like the States Attorney’s Office and the Chicago Police Department that will inform you about ways to access and work with your local, city, and state officials.

We recognize effective technology usage requires strong interpersonal connections. Therefore, part of the training is a facilitated discussion of shared experiences and brainstorming of solutions to our shared challenges. By the end of the training, you will not only have created an online ecosystem for your block club. You will also have joined an ecosystem of likeminded community leaders passionate about improving and uplifting Chicago. 

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