Block Wisdom

Our 1-Day Block Club Trainings bring to the surface incredible wisdom that we may not realize we have. Each block club in attendance brings a perspective, a challenge, and block wisdom we all need to hear. You can hear just a taste of this wisdom below.

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Youth Mental Health

Michelle Fletcher, the captain of 1200 Kildare Block Club speaks about the need to address mental health in her community.

Get the Block Working

Rashanda McQueen, a member of the 77th and Sangamon Block Club speaks about empowering her community with employment opportunities.


The Power of “Hello”

Lena Bivins, the captain of 6400 Vernon Block Club, speaks about how a simple hello can go a long way in getting her neighborhood to come together.

Engage with Politicians

Tonya Hooks, the captain of the 77th and King Drive Block Club speaks about the importance of harnessing political power and elected officials to address challenges in the community.